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Original Audio Fiction Series

Welcome to the Nebula

A twisted, tortured pirate captain. A gentle ship’s cook. A lady smuggler, holding the key to the galaxy’s greatest treasure. A young man, orphaned without warning, simultaneously blessed and cursed with an ability no person in history has ever possessed.

This is the world into which sails the starship Nebula, helmed by Captain Peter Dolion, the harbinger of a black, sepulchral doom for thousands of innocent lives aboard the crown jewel of the Nova Alliance: the Trade Ring.

Fun fact: due to the brevity of the ‘flash-fiction’ format, several extended endings were considered and cut — which may appear as bonus content in future!

An Immersive, Expansive Tale

Brought vibrantly to life from the page by the energetic, powerful, and at times chilling performances by Rhys Lawton, Shogo Miyakita, Michael Malconian, and Tali de Assis — this is a story for every space fantasy fan who grew up loving Treasure Planet. 

Originally published as a six-part flash-fiction series by Havok Publishing, then adapted for audio drama by Magnus Carlssen, this gripping tale dives headlong into the mind and psychology of a deeply troubled man, Captain Peter Dolion.

Beyond the unique blend of maritime and futuristic sci-fi influences, The Nebulous Saga explores themes of revenge, legacy, and our connection to other people. It’s a story with heart, soul, and more than a little bit of attitude.


The Nebulous Saga will release on all podcast platforms on March 14, 2023.

We are proud to partner with Packhowl Media and Realm podcast network to bring you this exciting show!

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